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Waxing is not advisable for diabetics, people applying ‘Retin A’ to the facial area, or taking acne drugs such as Accutane.



Full leg (with bikini line or underarm) -£25.50

Full leg -£19.95

Three quarter leg -£17.50

Half leg (inc. knee) -£15.00

High bikini line -£11.25

Bikini or underarm -£9.00

Hollywood -£25.00

Brazillian -£20.00

Eyebrow, upper lip or chin -£7.00

Forearm -£10.00


Waxing For Men


Neck -£8.00

Back -£19.00

Chest -£16.00





15 minutes -£13.50

20 minutes -£18.50


Eye Care


Eyelash perming and tint ( 1 hour) (Making your lash tint half price!) -£35.00

Eyelash tint -£10.00

Eyebrow tint -£7.50

Eyelash & eyebrow tint -£14.50


PLEASE NOTE: A patch test is required 48 hours prior to tinting


Lash Perfect

Safe and effective extensions on your own eyelashes to create a fantastic dark long-lash effect. No need for mascara ever again! (Individual eyelash extension)



30 minutes -£23.00

75 minutes -£45.00

Treatment Prices

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At Contours Skin Care Holistic, we offer a wide selection of beauty treatments that will leave you looking and feeling great. Our wide selection of beauty treatments allow us to completely pamper you from head to toe. So whether you want to treat yourself to a manicure, pedicure a wax or facial, you can trust Contours Skin Care Holistic to make you not only look fabulous, but you'll feel totally relaxed.

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Treatments Available

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Hands & Feet

Jessica Nail Cultivation


A specialised manicure treating the nail for specific problems - whether dry, brittle, normal, damaged or ageing. Jessica products are especially formulated accordingly. which treats the nail for specific problems – whether dry, brittle, normal, damaged or ageing. Jessica products are especially formulated accordingly.


15 minutes (file and re-varnish) -£9.50

30 minutes (express jessica manicure) -£20.50

60 minutes (luxury treatment) -£29.00


Jessica Pedicure Cultivation 


Jessica is a specialised pedicure, combining aromatherapy with AHA botanicals and natural plant extracts, which relaxes and de-stresses the feet. It treats the nail for specific problems, whether dry, brittle, normal, damaged or ageing.


15 minutes (file and re-varnish) -£9.50

45 minutes (pedicure treatment) -£22.50

60 minutes (luxury treatment) -£30.00


Minx Nails


It is a solid nail coating that comes in foil and sparkly metallics, photoquality designs and any colour under the sun. Nails are filed and foil coating is applied with heat, no drying time.


30 minutes (Minx) -£24.00

60 minutes (Minx with pedicure) -£34.50


Shellac Nails 

Shellac is a nail product that last for at least 14 days, without chipping, scratching or smudging. Zero drying time and a mirror finish.


45 minutes (Shellac plus manicure) -£28.50

60 minutes (Shellac plus removal) -£31.00

60 minutes (Shellac plus pedicure) -£30.00

15 minutes (Removal) -£10.00


Nail Extensions (Glass Glaze)


Full set of tips -£44.00

Full set of wraps on own nail -£28.00


Repairs And Renewals



Nail maintenance (full set) -£23.50

Replacement wrap (per nail) -£3.50

Nail tip with glass glaze -£4.40

Product removal -£11.00

Dermalogica Facial 

A complete facial treatment incorporating deep cleansing and exfoliating, including a pressure point massage, and face, shoulder and neck massage. The facial is completed with a mask to tone and soothe the skin. It treats your particular skin needs.



1 hour -£39.50

75 minutes -£44.00


Skin care lesson

This facial teaches you how to take care of your skin at home and what products to use on your skin before going to have a prescription facial.



30 minutes -£25.50


Active Resurface 35

A professional skin treatment providing optimum resurfacing to stimulate cell renewal for advanced skin regeneration. Treats photo damage, premature ageing, rough uneven texture, irregular pigmentation and wrinkling.



45 minutes -£34.50


Treatment For Teenagers 

For teenagers who want to improve their skin texture and learn how to take care of their skin at home. This facial incorporates a deep cleanse, exfoliation, a small pressure point massage, face mask, toning and moisturising to complete the routine.



30 minutes -£25.50


Treatment for Men 

Whether you have sensitive, dry, dehydrated or congested skin, shaving bumps or ingrowing hairs, this facial can help you take care of your skin, and introduces you to protective measures to practise at home.



1 hour -£39.50

75 minutes -£44.00


NEW! ion-Active Facial

The ion-active power treatment combines thermal activity and is super charged with advanced treatment room technology to optimise product penetration.

The result "a dramatically improved skin condition".



  • Dehydration

  • Fine line

  • Dark spots

  • Adult acne



1 hour - £59.50


NEW! Bio surface peel facial

Chemical peels are one of the most popular professional skin care services. They can improve quality, texture, and colour of the skin. Bio surface peel is designed to work with the skin's chemistry, not against it. When performed by a certified skin care professional, it safely removes dull outer layers of skin and helps the skin underneath regenerate for a smooth, radiant complexion.

Bio surface peel can be tailored to address.



  • Skin roughness

  • Signs of photodamage

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Acne breakouts

  • Skin congestion

  • Some forms of hyperpigmentation



1 hour - £59.50



Multivitamin Power Exfoliant Treatment

The blend of highly-active hydroxy acids and skin-normalising Vitamin A (Retinol) thoroughly removes dulling surface debris whilst stimulating cell renewal. Enriched with a nourishing blend of antioxidant vitamins, soothing bacterial extracts and anti-inflammatory essential liquids. Multivitamin Power Exfoliant will noticeably improve skin elasticity, tone and texture after just one treatment and it is the most effective way to combat premature ageing.



45 minutes -£40.50

Course of six treatments (save £30.00) -£213.00


Skin Renewal Treatments

This treatment is ideal for all skin types. It uses alpha hydroxy acids to eliminate the dead skin cells, sun damage, wrinkles, scarring, pigmentation and fine lines, resulting in a clearer, brighter and even complexion.



45 minutes  -£40.50

Course of six treatments (save £30.00) -£213.00


Exfoliant Accelerator 26

Helps stimulate cell renewal and turnover rates



45 minutes -£39.00


Revitilising Eye Rescue

Bring a sparkle back to your eyes! Our unique blend of vitamin therapies, firming botanicals and micro-current is a must for tired eyes. This treatment concentrates on reducing dark circles, puffiness and fine lines.



60 minutes -£40.50

Facial Extras

Registered Chiropodist & Podiatrist

Foundation Application

Applying foundation the correct way and using the colour correctors to shade and highlight areas.



15 minutes -£10.00


Treatment For The Eyes

Formulated to firm, smooth, tighten and relax the eye area.



20 minutes -£16.00


PLEASE NOTE: All the above treatments only apply with a facial.


Ear Pearcing

Sterile studs (plain) -£13.50

Sterile studs (stones, diamonte) -£16.00


Make-Up / Prom Make Up



45 minutes -£36.00


Pre-Wedding Make-Up & Wedding Day

Your chance to decide on what make-up is right for you.



60 minutes (Pre Wedding) -£37.00



60 minutes (Wedding Day) -£49.00


**A 50% Non-refundable deposit is required



Basic Treatments (corns, callus, nail cutting)

First visit (30 mins, inc assessment) -£31.00

Subsequent treatment  -£28.00

Senior Citizens (over 65 years) -£26.00

Paediatric assessments -Price on application


Domicillary Visits from £38.00




Nail Surgery

(including one return redressing visit):

Partial nail removal (one side) -£195.00

Additional toe nail -£40.00

Total nail removal -£175.00

Additional redressings -£20.00



Electrosurgery for verrucae or long standing/ resistant corns including one redressing -From £125.00

Additional redressings -£20.00

Cryptherapy (per session) -£30.00

Other treatments -£25.00



Examination and Assessment -£60.00

Perscription Orthotics -£220.00

Non-prescription Orthotics -£55.00-£75.00

Cutom made simple insole -£40.00

Simple Insoles -£30.00


Diabetic Assessment -£27.00

(with report provided)

Assessment and basic treatment -£39.00

LCN Total Nail Reconstruction -From £50 per big toe nail

Dermalogica Facials


CACI Non-Surgical Treatments

The most advanced computer aided beauty treatment on the market. For best results, a course of between 10-20 treatments is advised, followed by 10 maintenance treatments a year.



1 hour (face and body) -£42.00

Course of 10 treatments (save £42.00) -£378.00



30 minutes (eyes) -£23.50

Course of 10 treatments (Save £22.50) -£212.50


Jowl Lift

The CACI Jowl Lift facial has been developed to specifically target muscle laxity around the jawline.


The CACI Jowl Lift facial uses new Quad Probe applicators designed to double the lifting action of the CACI treatment system thereby enhancing results and reducing treatment time.


The 15 minute facial treatment helps to improve the appearance of sagging jowls by using the Quad Probes which have been specifically developed to target the muscles around the jawline.


The Quad Probes emit tiny electrical impulses to lift, firm and redefine facial contours. For best results a course of 10 treatments is recommended over a 5 week period. Once you have completed your course, results can be maintained with a monthly top up treatment.


CACI and Jowl Lift




1 hour and 15 minutes -£52.00

CACI Jowl Lift -£30.00

CACI Course of Jowl Lift (Saving £30.00) -£270.00

Intense Pulse Light

Hair contains pigment (melanin) which absorbs the red light projected by the Dealight system reducing unwanted hair.


PLEASE NOTE: Pay for five treatments and get the sixth treatment FREE. No refunds. Any money left will be carried over to another area of treatment.


Treatments For Men & Women

Abdomen (line): -£45.00

Abdomen (whole): -£80.00

Arms (upper or lower only): -£75.00

Arms (whole): -£120.00

Breasts (full): -£45.00

Back (lower): -£60.00

Back (upper): -£90.00

Back & Shoulders: -£185.00

Beard -£90.00

Bikini (line) -£50.00

Bikini (extended) -£60.00

Cheeks -£50.00

Chest -£100.00

Chin -£40.00

Eyebrows (centre) -£20.00

Eyebrows -£40.00

Feet & Toes -£40.00

Face (full) -£140.00

Hands & Fingers -£40.00

Legs (lower or upper) -£95.00

Legs (full) -£185.00

Lip -£35.00

Neck (front or back) -£35.00

Nose -£35.00

Nipples -£30.00

Underarm -£45.00

Shoulders -£95.00

Side of face -£55.00

Individual areas (not longer than half hour) -£50.00

Benefits for Skin Rejuvenation

• No interruption to routine activities

• After treatment skin looks refreshed and natural

• Improvement is subtle and gradual with the results building week by week.

• Treatment will be tolerated with few, if any side effects

• IPL works on visible skin problems such as broken capillaries and pigmentation as well as increasing collagen production to smooth and firm the skin.

• Non-invasive

• Time-effective with excellent results



Lips -£35.00

Whole face -£135.00

Neck (front or back) -£35.00

Cheeks -£45.00

Chin -£40.00




The invisible indications of sun damage include broken capillaries, liverspots, irregular pigmentation as well as fine lines and wrinkles. UV light also destroys skin cells, slowing down the growth of new skin and production of collagen. UV light also causes DNA damage and cross linking.


Upper lip: £35.00

Whole face: £135.00

Face & Neck: £150.00

Hands: £40.00

Small individual blemishes: from £20.00


Thread Veins


Dealight offers a completely new way to remove thread veins using Intense Pulse Light Treatment which is entirely safe and non-invasive. No preparation is needed, however, we recommend that any area to be treated should be clear of hair and make-up.


Cheeks: £110.00

Nose: £65.00

Small areas: from £35.00

Individual Spider Naevi: (£20.00 each) £20.00

Legs: Price on application

Body Treatments

Self-Tanning (FAKE BAKE)

Fake Bake gives an instant sun-kissed colour and develops into a long lasting sunless self tan. The areas are dry body-brushed, exfoliated, and then the Fake Bake tanning lotion is applied.



60 minutes (full body) -£33.00

30 minutes (part body) -£22.50



Used for centuries, it has an affinity with acupuncture. It is the healing art of massaging specific reflex zones on the feet and hands that relate to corresponding areas and organs of the body which destresses, rebalances, and restores harmony.



1 hour -£33.00


Body Micro Foliant Scrub 

A process of dry body brushing to stimulate muscle tone and treat cellulite.



45 minutes (full body) -£32.50


Multi-Vitamin Body Pack 

Ideal for dehydrated or sun-exposed skin. It gives a hydrating and smoothing effect.



1 hour (full body) -£36.00


Thermal Therapy Pack 

A soothing nourishing warm pack and exfoliation application to all parts of the body designed to warm and relax the muscles whilst also conditioning the skin.



1 hour (full body) -£36.00


Aromatherapy Massage

A theraputic treatment containing essential oils to treat a variety of conditions, enhance well being and restore balance throughout the whole body.



30 minutes -£29.00

1 hour -£39.50


Swedish Massage

Massages can help tired, aching muscles, reduce tension and help blood circulation, leaving you feeling revitalised and relaxed.



30 minutes -£26.50

1 hour -£37.50


Stress Therapy

Stress reduction massage movements improve the circulation of lymph and blood flow, increasing nutrients, relaxing and relieving fatigue, and also reducing tension.



1 hour -£38.00


La Stone Therapy

Basalt and marble stones are used throughout the massage treatment, and the hot and cold temperatures act as the stimulation to the body. It produces sedatives and energising responses leaving you feeling energised and relaxed.



45 minutes -£39.00

1 hour -£53.00


Indian Head Massage

This is a fantastic treatment for anyone who suffers from stress and tension headaches. It can improve scalp and hair conditions, and has multiple benefits. This treatment can be performed fully clothed.



30 minutes -£24.50

Waxing & Eye Care

Total Body Wellness

Your path to complete revitalisation. Starting with dry body brushing, exfoliation with a mineral salt scrub, followed by a complete massage of the body, a facial and finally reflexology to complete the treatment.



2 hours -£70.00


For Your Holiday

Before jetting off on your break, why not get yourself in the holiday mood with our complete going away package, consisting of a half-leg wax, bikini line or underarm wax, eyelash tint, manicure and pedicure.



2 hours 30 minutes (save £5.00) -£72.00


Bridal Package

The all-in-one big day package consisting of a half-leg wax, manicure, pedicure, Swedish massage (one hour) and facial of your choice (one hour).



4 hours (save £10.00) -£125.00


Special Occasion

This package is to get you in the mood for that special day, consisting of either an Aromatherapy full body massage or a Demalogica facial, a luxury Jessica manicure and a luxury Jessica pedicure.


3 hours (save £15.00) -£83.50

Special Packages

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